Anonymous said:  u should write a book, man. i'll be ur #1 fan and i'd read this book a milion times just to keep my mind that clear

Thank you! Your wish has been granted, my friend.

26 July 2014 ♥ 4
I scribbled her name
on surfaces everywhere
on my skin and
on sheets of paper
but mostly on napkins
hoping every time
that when I look up
she would be there

— Nav K

18 July 2014 ♥ 91

Digital copies of my books can now be found on Etsy :). 

15 July 2014 ♥ 50
Book Giveaway

In anticipation of a forthcoming project, I’ve decided to give away one physical paperback copy of each of my books in my first ever giveaway contest.

Entry is simple: all you have to do is reblog this post. Once, twice, however many times. On Wednesday, July 30, 2014, FOUR winners will be selected through an online randomizer. Winners will be contacted in the order in which they are determined. First person drawn will have first choice of book, and so on. Copies will be signed and mailed out promptly after. Best of luck!

More details about the books can be found here.

- Naveed 


4 July 2014 ♥ 498
My mind is saturated, absolutely infatuated. In fact inflated in fascination, optic nerves lacerated in the image of her greatness. If by chance I should find a replacement or forsake it, be sure to have me incarcerated. She speaks slow, never regurgitated, the room reinvigorated, brought back to life like resuscitation. The vibrations of her voice reverberating like the sounds of liberation. She looks my way and I reciprocate it without faking. Still I’m waiting, the air filled with hesitation. Asking myself is it destiny or desecration; a lost man standing in a barren wasteland. Obliterated by her single glare, beauty foolish to compare. I’m illiterate to her stare, she looks through my like I’m barely there. So do I dare retreat, or am I just a light post along the street? Or maybe she’s just a mirage in the city heat, transpired from all this humidity?

— Nav K, humidity

4 July 2014 ♥ 26
Sometimes, something is everything and nothing at the same time. But at any given point, it is still something.

— xq (via kay-a)

24 June 2014 ♥ 4

Digital copies of my books can now be found on Etsy :). 

19 June 2014 ♥ 50
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